Thursday, April 12, 2007


Today, April 12, 2007, Thursday morning, I watched the video "Heaven Is So Real" by Choo Thomas.

Choo Thomas is a Korean-American Woman who has chosen by God to see the Glories Of Heaven, the misery in Hell, and a little vision of what is going to happen on the day of Rapture. And she tells us that Jesus told her to spread the message that HE IS COMING VERY, VERY SOON.

As I watched the video of Choo Thomas’ testimony, I was also reading the words she was saying. But there was a testimony or a vision of hers that really terrified me…..alot. And I would like to share this to you a part of Choo Thomas’ testimony about Satan and the rapture that really struck me to fear. Please read this one:


Well, after that, the Lord Jesus showed me another vision. This was people left behind. I believe among them are a lot of Christians. That’s why they were running right? If they weren’t Christians, they weren’t running, you know. But the police were everywhere, people were everywhere and they, just running, scared, and panicked face, going to the car, going to the boat, running to the mountain, they just don’t know where to go, just like they were chased by, you know., monster or something. So scared, you know., horrible, horrible scene that was. And after that, Lord Jesus He told me, that what you seen just now is nothing compared to what will happen that day comes. And after that, He told me, all my people are raptured, Satan will take over this world and he wants everyone to receive his number 666. And anyone who refuse to receive it, they will be beheaded. So whoever don’t want to receive the marks of the beast number 666, they give their heart to Jesus, they want to be with Him forever and ever, Revelation 20:4. And then, whoever receive mark of the beast number 666, they all will thrown into the lakes of fire forever, ever; they will be burning in there day and night, no resting, Revelation 14:11. So everybody should know about these things and remember, want to be beheaded, it will not easy way. They will be tortured so much before they will being beheaded, because satan will not allow them to give in easily. So, whoever hear this message, please if you are not have a close relationship with our Lord Jesus, please do something about your salvation. Also, if you are left behind, no-matter what it cost, don’t ever, ever take the marks of the beast number 666. It’s better to be suffer for a while than suffer in hell for ever and ever burning in fire and please, please take seriously what I’m saying...”

-Choo Thomas


This part of her testimony really terrified me… and it feels so real…


Satan will torture you first very intensely (maybe like a torture that was made on Jesus, we don't know) before he beheads you, because Satan would think you might give in. Satan will not allow you to say NO to him that easy, therefore he will torture you first so you will give him your YES answer to him. But I tell you, never give in my friends. Don't you dare receive his number 666 to be put on your forehead. You'll suffer eternal consequences.

Like what Choo Thomas has said,


Please pray to our Lord God my dear friends that He will receive us in His Kingdom in Heaven. And Let us change our bad ways so that we may be acceptable in the eyes of Our God.

We must take this seriously…

Be bLessed…
and May God Bless us all...


The reason why Jesus died on the cross is because of John 3:16-

For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life.

Therefore, according to Romans 10:9-

If you confess with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord”, and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved.


" Well, I hear so many people say “who cares after you die”, Then I say, "you better care after you die. This was when I was witnessing. If you die, you only go two places, either heaven or hell." They say, "eeeehhh, who cares after I die." They talk like they don’t know anything after they die. I say, "you better care after you die, because why ? Even you die, your body die, your spirit, soul will never die. That’s why you can remember, pain, happy, joy, everything just like when you were alive." But they still don’t believe it. Aaaaah they get angry at me. I say, "I hope someday you will remember what I’m saying. Do you know Jesus?" They say, "I know God." I say,"well, Jesus is God. He’s the Father, He’s the Holy Spirit, He’s all. If you don’t know Jesus, you saying that you know God, that’s not going to take you to heaven." I just talk and talk but they don’t want to hear, most of these people. So I just tell them, "well, you don’t want to believe it now, I hope someday, you will believe." And I talk and talk but no matter what, they don’t want to accept the salvation package. You know what I say, I say, "OK you don’t want to accept this salvation package is fine, but one day, you will know all of God’s people will be raptured, then you will know what I’m saying right now, but I ask you, that time comes, never to receive the number 666. If you receive that, you going to burn in hell for ever, ever, ever. So please, please, please, don’t ever receive the number 666. Will you please remember?" You know, some of them say OK. I say this to many many people.

Anyone who has never prayed the salvation prayer before, I would like to pray. Please repeat after me.

"Lord Jesus, I believe You are Son of God and You died for me. Please come into my heart and be my Lord and Savior. I ask you forgive me all of my sins and cleanse me with your precious blood, taking control every area of my life from this moment on. Jesus, fill me with your Holy Spirit and empower me to be used for Your glory. I want to serve you, love you, obey you all the days of my life and make a difference in the lives of others. Father, thank you for making me your child. In Jesus’ Holy Name, amen. Halleluiah."

Anyone who pray this prayer with me, please, go to church, listen to Word of God from pastors and read the Bible every day, study it. Pray many times a day and have a relationship with Jesus. Thank you, amen, Halleluiah "


that was another wonderful message of Choo Thomas that I would like to share to you.

You know what, God is so good. He loves us so much that He gave His One and Only Son Jesus to save us from our sins. In that way, He can allow us to enter His Kingdom in Heaven where it is filled with Holiness, Righteousness, and Purity in Heart, Mind, and Soul.

Be blessed and be thankful to Our Lord God and Savior.

In Jesus Holy and Mighty name, AMEN!

God bless us all... =)

Thursday, March 29, 2007

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